rFactor 2: Croft by SimRacing.pl V1.0
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Another masterpiece from feels3, the UK circuit Croft version 1.0:

Release Notes:

- uninstall old version before installing v1.0
– added Ambient Occlusion to pitlane buildings
– completely new trees
– improved road geometry – reduced few bumps and improved camber in few places
– new crowd (including 3d people)
– new terrain textures
– track use default HDR profile, feel free to create your own
– improved reflections
– new road textures
– added custom textures set for Real Road shader (skids and wet reflections)
– new trackside objects (fences, tents, cars, tirewalls and so on…)
– improved collisions
– removed most street lights
– improved AIW ( special thanks for Kev and Tosch for help ! )
– temporarily disabled “movable” option from tires around the track. Be careful, they have collision turned on. It’s temporary solution until ISI fix few things in engine.
– there are still some issues, but before I will fix that, ISI has to fix few issues in engine…so, yes, you can expect further improvements and updates when rfactor 2 hits DVD ;)

Croft4 Croft3 Croft2 Croft1

Dowloand Links:

Croft V1.o: Link1


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